[2021] Top 10 Antivirus software protection Services for Windows


There are hundreds of software protection antivirus options to choose from. All promise full-time protection therefore you must find an antivirus program to provide world-class security for every type of threat.  This review will focus on the top 10 antivirus software protection available. Each of them has security benchmarks, system value, function and performance so … Read more

[FIXED 2021] Enable Bluetooth Windows 10 and Issues


Suppose you use Windows 10 and want to connect your computer with a wireless keyboard, mouse, or headset or transfer files from your smartphone to your computer via Bluetooth. You must Enable Bluetooth Windows 10 first.  This article will explain to you how to do it. You will learn: How to quickly enable Bluetooth windows 10  Generally, … Read more

[FIXED] CHKDSK Stuck in Windows EASY SOLUTION- 2021


“CHKDSK” means “check disk“. This abbreviation is mainly used, which is a system tool under OS/2, DOS, and Windows. It verifies the integrity of the volume file system and corrects any logical file system errors. It is the same as the fsck command on Unix. Before solving the chkdsk stuck error, let’s first understand what chkdsk exactly … Read more

[FIXED 2021] Windows audio device graph isolation (New)


Having a slow computer can be very frustrating and sometimes even dangerous. You should always pay attention to CPU usage: running at high percentages will eventually damage your processor. Many applications and processes consume your CPU usage. Windows audio device graph isolation high memory Windows 10 is one of them.  You can determine if this process is causing … Read more