In the previous blog, we saw 5 of the best data protection software out there. And as promised, I’ve bought you part 2 of the blog, where we’ll be listing the next 5 of the Top 10 antivirus programs on the Internet for Windows/Mac.

Note : These Antiviruses list is not in any order or ranking. Let’s just hope these antivirus work as good in Windows 11 too

Top data protection software in 2021:

6. TotalAV-the best data protection software

totalAV protection software

TotalAV is a new player in the antivirus industry, but it has alr eady earned a place on this list. Other softwares disappears after a month or two. 

Still, TotalAV has become a favorite of many people with its powerful virus protection technology, simple user interface, and powerful VPN. 

TotalAV also protects against spyware and phishing. Other features include: 

  1. Password manager 
  2. Performance optimization 
  3. easy-to-use platform 
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. BullGuard-the ideal choice for gamers

bullgaurd protection

In addition to providing malware protection, BullGuard is also a world-class game enhancer. It helps to free up the computer system so that all games can run smoothly. 

BullGaurd can also prevent pop-up ads from interrupting your game by continuous data protection software usage. It is designed not to slow down your PC, just like the unfortunate situation with other antivirus programs.

Plus, BullGuard allows its users to choose from three affordable pricing plans and provides the following features: 

  1. Intuitive parental control
  2. firewall protection
  3. secure cloud storage
  4. a 30-day free trial.

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8. Bitdefender-awesome additional security features

bitdefender data protection software

For anyone interested in network security, you may have heard of Bitdefender. This particular software has earned itself a good name.

This antivirus software has more than 500 million users worldwide and is expected to provide comprehensive protection. It comes with a VPN, anti-theft tool, adjustment function, and password manager. Other features include:

  1. On-demand + real-time protection
  2. Online security against phishing, fraud, and spam
  3. Parental control

The only downside is that the software is relatively challenging to navigate for anyone unfamiliar with antivirus programs. 

9. Kaspersky-for online banking and shopping

kaspersky data protection

This antivirus software commonly used by small businesses and homeowners is popular because of its powerful features. With Kaspersky, Internet users can safely browse different web pages with continuous data protection software usage and shop without worrying about online financial theft. 

It is impenetrable by malware and effectively detects and eliminates cyber threats, and protect company data. Not to mention, their software package is straightforward to use. 

Other features include: 

  1. Online banking protection-“safe funds.” 
  2. plus real-time protection on demand
  3. prevention of malware, spyware, viruses, and ransomware
  4. Mac and mobile support
  5. security features to prevent phishing scams
  6. password manager
  7. parental control

10. Trend Micro-the best protection against phishing and protect company data

trend micro protection

Trend Micro antivirus software is excellent in phishing protection. Living in an era when many crooks figure out ways to create duplicate websites and scam innocent people to provide personal data.

This is one of the main reasons to prioritize installing antivirus software on your PC or smart device. Trend Micro offers various subscription plans, including Internet Security, Maximum Security, and Premium Service.

Features include but are not limited to:

  1. 24/7 support for online banking protection 
  2. password manager 
  3. iOS support for malware protection 
  4. parental control 

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Best data protection software rating method

Best antivirus software for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS should include a virtual private network, Password management, preferably parental control function. The following factors are also considered: 

Strong protection against malware that provides continuous data protection software : 

The antivirus software in this list must prove that it can protect computers and smartphones from the most advanced malware, such as spyware or rootkits, not just malicious software.

Advanced features

Advanced features that can improve user experience and protect company data. These advanced features may include tools for improving device performance and speed. 


As some antivirus software slows down the device when installed, this review is very keen to list that efficient and run software. 

After all, not everyone can afford the next generation of technology, so it is imperative to stick to an efficient and fast antivirus brand. 

Ease of use continuous data protection software: 

Computers and smartphones can be used for various technical activities, many people use them for communication and entertainment. 

Therefore, the best antivirus software should protect programmers and those who use their devices to shop online or browse social media accounts. 

Value for money: 

There are hundreds of free antivirus software, but the level of protection provided is basic. Advanced antivirus software is better and safer. Not to mention it has more impressive features. 

Because this is such a significant investment, buyers should ensure that their money is worth their money. When you choose any of the following ten antivirus programs, this is precisely what you will get. 


There are so many antivirus software on the Internet. It would be best to consider its function before installing each software on your computer or smartphone and subscribing to the package. 

From the top data protection software list, it should be easier to narrow your options and find antivirus software that meets your specific Internet usage requirements.