When I was young, I wanted to play so many games on my computer. But I did not know anything about Graphics Card, RAM, cores, FPS and what not! And when I installed GTA San Andreas, it was lagging too much. After having long discussions with my friends (cause everyone didn’t had Internet at their palm back then), I got to know that I need a good PC. But how much good was good enough to run GTA San Andreas? The same evening I ran to the nearest Cyber Cafe (yes they were a thing back then), I wanted to know how good my machine was, I wanted to rate my pc. And oh man I was up for a big surprise!

Since that day, I always try to rate any pc that I’m using. Be it in computer lab, or my friend’s house or anything, if there’s a PC, I would rate it. And over time, I gathered a lot of tricks on how to rate my PC easily and using Window’s internal tools only. Cause let’s just face it, no one likes to install additional software just to rate their pc.

Let’s just hope Windows 11 is pre-optimised and memory friendly.

How do I rate my PC in Windows 10?

Finding a performance rating for Windows 10 is very simple, all you need to do is:

  • Click the Start menu, type ‘powershell’, right-click, and click Run as administrator.
  • In the PowerShell window, type the following
    Get-CimInstance Win32_WinSat
  • Press Enter.
  • Now you can see what your Windows 10 system performance rating looks like.
Windows 10 performance score in Powershell

Told ya, it’s THAT SIMPLE!

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Is there a benchmark in Windows 10?

Ofcourse it has. The Windows 10 Evaluation Tool tests a component of your computer and then measures its performance. However, it can only be obtained from the command prompt. There was a time when Windows users could get an overall performance rating of their computer through what was called the Windows Experience Index. Ah! Those were the days.

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How do I run a benchmark and rate my PC?

System performance

Press the Win+R key on your keyboard. The run window opens.
Type ‘perfmon’ and press Enter.

rate pc using benchmark

The Performance Monitor application opens and begins collecting the required data.

Windows benchmark score

How fast is my PC?

  • Right-click on the taskbar.
  • Select Task Manager, or press Ctrl Shift Esc to start the taskbar.
  • Click the Performance tab and select CPU. (If you don’t see the Performance tab, click Details).
rate my PC Performance

The name and speed of your computer’s CPU will be displayed here.

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How can I check the specifications of my computer?

How to find your computer’s system specifications

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ key. The run dialogue box will appear.
  • Type in ‘dxdiag’ and hit Enter. (If you get any pop-up, just click on ‘No’)
  • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open.
DirectX Diagnostic Tool dxdiag

Here you can see all the details of your system. The operating system, processor, memory and other lot of things. If you want to see the Display Drivers, just switch the tags on the top and you’re good to go. This is one thing that I always …ALWAYS check on every system I work on. It basically is kinda a habit now haha.

How much RAM do I need?

When I first started using computer, our computer had 512 MB ram and it was great. And even up until highschool, my computer had just 1 GB of RAM on which I fulfilled all my gaming desires. But today, Windows won’t even boot up in 1 GB haha.

I’ve seen and researched, 8 GB of RAM is generally the best place for most computer users to find themselves today. 8 GB of RAM provides enough RAM for virtually all productivity tasks, as RAM isn’t too low neither too high and expensive. Also, it basically runs most of the medium demanding softwares and games.

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Which games can my computer use?

Can you run it? Requirements for the most popular computer games

  • Grand Theft Auto V.128,234. 57%
  • Call of Duty: War Zone. 104 876. 37%
  • Cyberpunk 2077. 94,679. 52%
  • Appraisal. 85215. 80%
  • Walheim. 82 703. 52%
  • Mine Craft. 57 881. 60%
  • Fortnite. 57 756. 59%
  • Global Offensive Counter Strike. 57 350. 55%

How to look for performance issues in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has built-in performance troubleshooting features that help you detect and resolve issues that can affect your computer’s speed. To open the troubleshooting:

  • Open ‘Settings‘ from start-menu
  • Click ‘Update & Security’.
  • Click ‘Troubleshoot‘.
  • Select the Troubleshoot that best describes your issue.

Well, the Operating System also plays a vital role in a Computer’s performance. Choose wisely!

windows 10 troubleshoot issues

What is the best computer metric to rate my PC?

  • HW Monitor. Hardware monitoring is free.
  • 3DMark. A popular game reference package useful for overclockers.
  • UserBenchmark. All-in-one benchmarking suites.
  • Cinebench. The best CPU-centric benchmark solution.
  • Geek bench. One of the best benchmark programs for Windows.
  • MSI afterburner.