In this beginner-friendly article, you’re going to learn how to Dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux on your laptop.

After this entire article, you’ll be capable of dual boot windows 10 and linux. Moreover, we’ll additionally cover all of the errors that could arise on your laptop while dual booting.

So this windows dual boot setup manual is mainly made for dual-booting folks for the first time. Although you could set windows dual boot setup without understanding the meaning of all of the terms, it’s usually better to understand the fundamentals, so let’s begin with dual boot.

What is dual booting/multi-booting (aka Dual boot)? 

advantages of dual boot windows 10 and Kali Linux

Using operating systems on just one computer may be pretty accessible.

Mainly while you’re simply learning hacking and aren’t very much familiar with different OS besides, of course, windows, or perhaps you need to apply a selected utility that isn’t available on your operating system.

And for such situations, the dual boot comes into the picture. However, you could also use a way called “virtualization” (the use of each OS simultaneously), which we will see later. 

Dual booting, usually acknowledged as dual boot, is a manner of putting in two operating systems on one computer and picking out any one of these OSs at any time. 

Multi-booting is the act of installing multiple operating systems on a computer and being capable of picking out which one to boot. 

The term dual-booting refers back to the standard configuration of explicitly operating systems. 

Multi-booting and dual-booting are both pretty similar. The vital distinction among them is that dual-booting includes only two OS while multi-booting includes multiple operating systems. 

Why pick kali Linux for Dual Boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux?

dual boot Windows 10 and Linux

If you’re on your adventure of becoming a hacker, then kali Linux is a must-have operating system. 

To emerge as a hacker, you must emerge as acquainted with Linux OS. It has hundreds of hacking and penetration testing tools. Setting up dual boot windows 7 and linux is very easy. 

Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for virtual forensics and penetration testing. It is maintained and funded via means of Offensive Security. And setting up after knowing how to dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux is super easy.

Kali Linux is an open-source (means it can be downloaded and used for free) operating system mounted on a computer.

Kali asks for at least 4GB or more RAM (recommended) and at least 20 GB of free disk space. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of dual boot windows 10 setup

Different operating systems have one-of-a-kind uses and advantages. Having extra than one operating system mounted permits you to quickly switch between other OS and have a suitable device for the job. 

Dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux additionally makes it less complicated to dabble and test with different operating systems. 

The single biggest problem with keeping operating systems is that it’ll affect your RAM, mainly if you have only 4GB of RAM. It can make your computer slow. Moreover, it’ll take 20-30GB of more area to your hard disk (for the alternative OS).

And, the dual boot is time-eating in comparison to a single boot

Dual Boot vs. Virtual Machine 

Dual Boot vs Virtual Machine

Both dual boot and virtual machines do identical work. That is, both dual boot and the virtual machine can help you use multiple operating systems on one computer. 

If you know how to dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux, you’ll be able to boot up with either Windows 10 or Kali Linux one at a time.

However, the most significant distinction between the virtual machine and the dual boot is that you could use only one operating system at a time via the dual boot.

Whereas with the assistance of a virtual container, you operate each operating system simultaneously; however virtually.

It means one of your operating systems may be number one. At the same time, the alternative one could be used virtually via a virtual container. 

You might be questioning that virtual box is far higher than dual boot because, via virtual box, I can use each OS at the same time.

It relies upon numerous factors;

  1. You could stay with a virtual box most effective when you have a powerful computer with properly RAM as it takes an excessive amount of RAM,
  2. and also need a better computer to run virtual box, mainly while you’re virtualizing heavy Operating Systems inclusive of Windows 10, Mac OS, etc. 

Otherwise, a dual boot is good for you. 

Always take backup first 

Backup before dual boot

Before doing such operations on your computer, it’s always good to take the backup of your documents.

Because if something goes wrong or you made any mistake while dual booting setup, 

you could face such a situation in which there will be no choice other than formatting your computer. 

Hardly ever do those kinds of matters show up.

However, to be on the safe side, take a backup of your computer.

Though you can leave creating the backup if you don’t have any important documents on your computer. 

Preparing the installation necessities for dual boots: 

Requirements for dual boots:

  • A PC/Laptop 
  • 4GB Pendrive (Minimum) 
  • Windows 10 OS (already mounted) 
  • Kali Linux OS (ultra-modern version) 
  • Rufus
  • Some Patience (now no longer kidding)