“CHKDSK” means “check disk“. This abbreviation is mainly used, which is a system tool under OS/2, DOS, and Windows. It verifies the integrity of the volume file system and corrects any logical file system errors. It is the same as the fsck command on Unix. Before solving the chkdsk stuck error, let’s first understand what chkdsk exactly is.

CHKDSK can also perform disk surface inspection tasks for serious surface errors on the Windows NT operating system and then mark them.

On Windows 9x and MS-DOS 6.x, this task is performed by Microsoft SanDisk. CHKDSK on the Windows server version supports RAID. Therefore, if other disks and the array are intact, you can completely recover data from the disks with bad sectors in the RAID-1 or RAID-5 array.

Hard drive failure or any strange behavior that you might not want to associate with the hard drive in the first place. In this case, “check disk” or “chkdsk” can be a lifesaver

I just hope these errors are fixed in Windows 11 internally!

Now, do you find a chkdsk stuck error in your system?

In other words, does CHKDSK runs every time you turn on the computer? Before doing anything, please make sure that your “chkdsk” is not set as a scheduled task. In addition, please make sure that your “chkdsk” is not programmed for the “Run” option. If you still do not solve the problem, other solutions will be discussed below.

Windows location

But before looking at the solutions in this article, make sure your hard drive is “C:“. It can also be another letter, so check it before proceeding with the solution. 

How to fix CHKDSK Stuck error

Is your Chkdsk stuck on your computer? Well, it will not work unless you ask for it. You need to run a chkdsk command to fix disk errors or clean things up if your computer faces a chkdsk stuck error. Complete troubleshooting by adding “command line flags” (such as “/f”) to fix disk errors and /r to retrieve information from bad sectors. 

Ways to Fix CHKDSK Stuck error on Windows 7:

chkdsk stuck windows 7

The repair may take a long time in Windows 7. It can be one or two hours, it can be a whole day or even more than one day, so make sure you have enough free time. Once you start the task, you don’t want to interrupt “Check Disk”. 

  1. First, click the “Start button” on the computer.
  2. Then enter “Command Prompt” in the “Search programs and files” box.
  3. The top result should be this ‘cmd.exe’.
  4. Then right-click it and select the “Run as Administrator” option.
  5. Once the command prompt window opens, type the command: chkdsk C: /r
  6. Then press this Enter.
  7. After this, the /r flag tries to retrieve information about bad sectors and assumes you want to repair disk errors. So if you don’t need the /r flag; remove that.

After this, you will notice that it cannot run in the command prompt because another process is using the volume. It will then display and ask if you want to schedule this volume and verify it the next time you restart it. The option (Y / N) appears. Type “Y” and press “Enter” to schedule the check disk with the repair option.

After all, restart your PC and let it do its job. After everything is complete, your file system will be repaired. Unless there are other problems, the chkdsk stuck error is solved, and it will no longer run at startup.

The way to fix CHKDSK Stuck error in Windows 8 and Windows 10

windows 10 command prompt cmd

Things in Windows 10 and Windows 8 are more advanced, and it handles such problems on its own in a more effective way. The file system continuously checks for problems on its own. The problem is solved immediately, no need to disconnect the hard drive. Items that require the drive to be offline should be corrected. 

chkdsk stuck scan windows 10

“Check Disk” can complete this task in one second, or it may take several minutes. 

  1. First, click the “Start” button.
  2. And then type “cmd” in the “Search programs and files” box. 
  3. The result at the top should be “cmd.exe“.
  4. Then right-click and select the “Run as administrator” option.
  5. To make sure that all problems have been found and resolved, you need to run the “Verify Disk” scan.
  6. First, you must enter: chkdsk C: /scan to run the Disk Verification Scan.
  7. Then press the “Enter” key.
  8. Once the scan starts to run, It will solve any problems, no need to go offline.
  9. After the scan is complete, type the command: chkdsk C: /spotfix and now press the “Enter” key,
  10. After which, you will see a command telling you that it cannot run because it is in use.
  11.  Then it will ask you if you want to schedule this volume and verify it the next time the system restarts.
  12. The “Yes/No” option will appear.
  13. Then enter “Y” and press the “Enter” key to schedule “Check Disk“.
  14. Now restart your computer.
  15. This time “Check Disk” will start running and repair everything identified during the scan.
chkdsk stuck spotfix windows 10

This process takes only a few seconds to complete, as it only fixes specific issues that have been identified. Your file system is now repaired.


If you want to make your Windows 10 1.4x faster, you just need to tweak a couple of things in prefetch and superfetch. They’re inbuilt tools in Windows thus are totally safe and works 100%.

Now, unless there are other problems, the chkdsk stuck error is resolved, and you should not run “chkdsk” every time you start your PC. However, after fixing all chkdsk errors, there is only one way to check whether chkdsk will run again at startup, so please restart your computer.

Most likely, it should not and will not run. If not, you can usually resume regular work. But if you do, your PC may have other serious problems. In this case, you may need to perform a “Windows Recovery System” or clean and reinstall the Windows drive again, or even reinstall the hard drive.