There is a very fantastic feature in Windows 10. If you are not using your computer, Windows will automatically put your computer in a low power state and turn off the computer screen. But many users have been facing the problem where Authentication is required when the PC wakes from sleep.

Basically, it means, after they put their computers to sleep, when they turn them back on, Windows will prompt them to enter the password to log in (authentication).

I just hope this gets resolved in the upcoming Windows 11!

So in this guide, we will see how to…

Fix the authentication is required when the pc wakes from sleep

PC wakes from sleep and asks authentication

But before we start, I want you to understand some of the Windows sleep mode features (although you can go down Scroll directly to the solution) 

What is Windows sleep mode and how does it work?

windows sleep mode

Have you noticed that your phone’s screen will automatically turn off when you do not use your smartphone for more than 30 seconds or a minute?

But when you turn on your phone again, all your applications and processes are still open as before. 

Sleep mode has precisely the same function in Windows. Sleep mode can help you save power when you are not using it.

According to Microsoft: Sleep mode consumes very little power, and your PC starts faster and immediately returns to where it stopped.

You don’t have to worry about losing your work due to battery drain. If the battery is too low, Windows will automatically save all your work and shut down the PC.

Use sleep mode when you want to leave the PC for a while, for example, during a coffee break.

For many PCs (especially laptops and tablets), your PC will go to sleep when you close the lid or press the power button. 

Isn’t this a fantastic feature?

Although this is a fantastic feature, the problem that many Windows users face is authentication is required when the pc wakes from sleep, which means,

when they put their PC or laptop into sleep mode and then wake them up, it prompts them to enter a password.

Now let’s see how to…

Fix PC wakes up from sleep mode in Windows when authentication is required issue

windows accounts setting

To disable authentication after sleep mode, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Settings (shortcut: Windows button + i ) 
  2. Then Go to the account 
  3. Go to the sign-in option 
  4. Now select “Never” under the sign-in required option. 

Fix the authentication required when The PC wakes up from sleep in Windows. 

I hope this solves the authentication problem required in Windows.

Suppose, for some reason; you see the entire box is grayed out. If you cannot switch to this option and computer authentication is required, please follow the next solution. 

“Do not disable the authentication required when this PC wakes up from sleep mode Windows 10” is grayed out. 

Although the above solutions should help many people, If you cannot switch to this option and see the entire box grayed out, it is not allowed.

If you choose the “Never” option, please follow the steps below carefully.

Ensure that your work account is not added to your computer.

work account authentication

Your work account is used on the computer, and the login option is disabled.

Therefore, please make sure that your work account is not added to your computer; please follow the steps below to check: 

  1. Go to Settings (shortcut: Windows button + i) 
  2. Then Go to account 
  3. Go to work or school access 
  4. Ensure your work account is not added to your computer and check if you are not connected to any work account.

I hope it can solve your problem where authentication is required when the pc wakes from sleep; if not, try the following solutions.

Turn Off Require Sign-in on Wakeup

To fix it, you need to change it quickly from the command prompt instead.

cmd admin to remove authentication required whn pc wakes up

You will need administrative access to complete this process:

  1. Find Command Prompt 
  2. Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator (if prompted, select Yes) 
  3. In the Command Prompt window, copy and paste the command and press Enter. 
  4. For laptops on battery


5. For desktop PCs


6. Restart the computer. 

cmd command prompt in windows 10

You can follow this thread to learn more about this solution for authentication on wakeup. If not, please try the following solution. 

Set Interactive Login: Machine Inactivity Limit to 0

local security policy in windows 10

Some Windows users can solve this problem by disabling Interactive Login: Machine Inactivity Limit to 0. 

In some versions of Windows, this is the default 900. 

Follow these steps very carefully: 

  1. Press the Windows button to find the local security policy in the Windows search bar.
  2. Open the local security policy in Windows.
  3. Now go to local policies>security policies>Interactive Logon: Machine Inactivity Limit 
  4. Right-click on it and go to properties.
  5. Set it to 0.
  6. Click OK and apply.
  7. Restart your computer and see if it solves the authentication on wakeup problem.
set machine inactivity limit to stop PC from sleeping

So this is how you can get over the problem where authentication is required when the pc wakes from sleep in very few basic steps!