The Computers have developed so far! And now there are so many options to choose from. For standard dimensions of laptop, everyone has different choices and personal preferences. You must choose your favorite technology and preferred laptop size

Like computers, there are standard laptop sizes to choose from.

The dimensions of laptop are suitable for different people and different occupations, depending on the purpose of use, such as portable laptops for business and office use, all-rounder laptops for students, etc.. 

Here I will share with you the list of common laptop screen sizes.

Standard screen size for laptop: 

Let me tell you the common laptop sizes available on the market and some of their functions. So, let’s get started:

1. Laptop size ranging from 11 to 12 inches. 

These sizes of laptops are the thinnest and lightest. They usually weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds. 

2. Laptop size ranging from 13 to 14 inches

These ranges are the best and usable laptops. These are not only super portable, but super light too, and I will tell you more things and sizes to consider. 

It’s not just size that matters. These laptops usually weigh 4 pounds. This falls under the “standard laptop sizes” category for office work.

3. 15 inch laptop size. 

These are the most medium-sized laptops. These machines weigh between 4.5 and 6 pounds and are best suited for most of the things. This is a nice big screen. 

You can choose it for them, you don’t have to carry them with you many times. 

4. Dimensions of laptop ranging from 17-18 inch laptop size 

These sizes of laptops are the largest. Use it for the entire productivity level. Explore the big screen experience and view the small details. 

You can use these laptops to create a theater atmosphere by watching movies on the largest laptop screens. 

How to measure the dimensions of laptop

measuing the dimensions of laptop

The size of laptops means measuring the size of the screen. Because the company advertises the laptop dimensions in inches, they must also be measured according to the same standards. 

The operation method is as follows: 

  • Take a tape measure 
  • start measuring from the bottom corner diagonally with the tape measure. Or, to put it simply, from corner to corner. Please note that the screen size does not include the border. 
  • Write down your measurements. 

This should be the exact size of your laptop screen. What if you want to measure all the dimensions of laptop? The method is as follows… 

  • To measure the width, place the tape measure horizontally from one corner to the other. The width is the front of the laptop. 
  • To measure the depth, please close the book. And start vertical measurement from top to bottom when the laptop is closed. 
  • To measure the height, turn off the laptop. Measure vertically from the bottom surface to the top surface. That should be it.

Obtaining accurate sizes of laptops will also help you decide to buy any laptop bag or bag. 

What to look for in a laptop? 

things to look for before buying a laptop

Before buying a laptop, you should analyze these points so that your money is worth it : 

1. Operating System : Generally, people buy Windows for personal and gaming use, MAC OS is also used for personal and professional use, and Linux and Chrome OS are used for commercial use. 

However, choosing the right operating system is not as simple as it sounds. 

This is why I compiled a list of the fastest operating systems to help you choose the right operating system. Note that this is not affected by the laptop dimensions.

2. Size: Choosing the right size is also a big debate. 11-12 inches is the thinnest and offers the greatest portability. And 13-14inch is a standard laptop size. with a good screen ratio, easy to carry in different places.

There are also 15-16 inch screens, and they are also popular because they provide larger screens, but if you need less portability, please buy only that size. 

In the latter, there are 17-18 sizes, they are very large, you can sit at your desk and play endless games on a larger screen.

3. Hardware: Don’t ignore this. Always specify the specifications according to your needs. For high-end tasks, you need next-generation or high-end CPUs, more RAM, and enough SSD storage. 

In addition, a screen with more pixels is better. Most premium laptops support 4K, but if you can’t afford it, you can at least try a 1920 x 1080p IPS panel. The more the laptop dimensions, the better hardware is required.

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what more??

4. Keyboard and touchpad : The keys should be smooth, but not wavy or curved. Reliable response of keys is required. And don’t forget to check the touchpad, it should provide enough space and good response speed 

5. Connections and ports: if your budget allows, please consider buying a laptop that supports 4G and 5G and supports Wi-Fi 6. In this way, you can have the fastest Internet speed. In addition, Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard. 

If you purchase this support, you will be able to get a better experience on Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headsets or mice. At the same time, the ports of almost all mainstream operating systems remain unchanged. 

The laptop you want must have a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI cable, and a Type-C port. 

6. Read reviews : Read what others think about the laptop you are buying and what sizes of laptops are available on forums such as Reddit or Amazon reviews section. This will help many decisions. 

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Other things to consider along with size

more specs of laptop

As I said before, it is not only size that is important, but also other things. These other characteristics are as important as size. In fact, the two are inseparable.

Let me introduce you to these important functions. 

7. Processor: The most important thing, a good processor, means CPU. Without it, the laptop is nothing nor the dimensions of laptop. Intel offers a variety of processors and is constantly updated. 

There are many new versions of processors with new functions available. 

There are the latest  7th, 8th and 10th generation processors. The 10th generation is the latest and provides many new and fast functions. You can easily choose any of them. 

8. RAM : It stands for random access memory. The more RAM the better. High memory provides good storage space for all your important files and even heavy games. 

Good RAM will not affect the speed of the laptop because of the large amount of data stored in it and big laptop size

9. Operating System: The system should not use old, slow windows. There are many updates and the latest Windows operating system available, Windows 10 is by far the latest, (though Windows 11 is the latest, but anyways…) and Windows 7 is also the best and easiest to use. Compared with Windows 10, its environment is easier to understand. 

I recommend that you do not use any other operating systems other than these, because the new window has original and updated features. These Windows functions are also easy to use. 

You can even multitask at high speed in Windows 7 and 10. No one else will provide you with such an excellent facility. 

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wait, there’s more 

10. Battery life : No matter what dimensions of laptop you want, battery life is important to everyone. Without good battery life, you cannot make the most of your laptop. 

In addition, this is also a major obstacle to your work. Therefore, always carry a laptop with the longest battery life.​​​ Just charge it once and you can work all day. 

Generally, standard laptop sizes should give you 4-6 hours of battery life on normal usage.

11. Anti-glare screen : Choose a laptop with an anti-glare screen. Just like most of the problems with these devices are aimed at the eyes. 

You have to take good care of them, you can even see the screen before buying. Or, if you find a problem while purchasing online, you can return it immediately. 

The anti-glare and smooth screen is the perfect choice for buying a high-quality laptop. But at the same time, your graphics must be good. 

In this way, you can enjoy watching movies, videos, and making video calls on a clear and distortion-free pixel screen. 

12. High quality : No matter what laptop size you use, be sure to buy a good company laptop. It must be of high quality. 

A poor-quality laptop will die in a few months, but a good-quality laptop will accompany you for many years until you use it in a terrible way. High-quality laptops are made of sturdy materials. In addition, the company is important. 

A good, well-known company will do its best to provide its customers with the best laptops. 

Does not matter if your laptop is of high quality or not, it’ll always need a good antivirus. But how to select the best in the millions? No problem, I’ve curated a list of the top 10 antivirus present currently in the market!

13. Warranty: Check the warranty of the laptop you are buying. Because this is a very important thing. Please keep the warranty card in a safe place. 

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Final words, In the end, I just want to say that I have written this guide very carefully. So that, you can better understand the types and dimensions of laptop. All sizes are good, and it depends a lot on the purpose of your laptop.