Change folder colour Windows 10 is not that tricky as you may think it is. I know windows try to give us a lot of customization tools, but this is the one thing that is missing from the internal customization tools of Windows 10

But don’t think Windows 10 is a flawed Operating System just from this. It is, in fact, one of the best Operating Systems out there. Anyways, in this article, you’ll get to know how to colour code your folders in Windows 10!

But maybe this will be inbuilt in Windows 11, you never know!

Change folder colour Windows 10

Finding your way in Windows Explorer can be tricky. A folder provides you with a small preview of the files contained in it, but a small part of the document is rarely enough to tell you whether it is what you need. 

Organizing files in a logical folder system can help, and using a consistent naming method can also help. Still, you may easily spend hours sorting them and end up with a large and clumsy system that requires eternal navigation.

It would be much easier if you can colour everything like on a Mac.

This is where Folder Marker Free and FileMarker.NET Free come in. These programs allow you to assign colours to files and folders and add extra symbols to indicate importance or progress. 

Here is how to get started. 

Clean up your system first

clean windows 10

Before you start colour-coding, it’s worth taking a moment to solve the problem by deleting files you no longer need, including the parts of the software you uninstalled.

Also, make sure that your files are in the correct folder (for example, photos in pictures, songs in music, and text files in documents).

After deleting the trash, backup your Documents folder to an external hard drive or cloud. Storage services like DropBox. 

Get Folder Colour Marker for Free

folder color marker

After everything is organized and backed up, download Folder Marker Free (be sure to select the version on the right side of the page) and run the installer.

When the program starts for the first time, click the Colors tab to see the different shades available for the folder.

The free version of the software has 12 options, excluding Windows’ default Manila colour. 

Colour the folders in Windows 10

basic folders in windows 10

Click the small green “” icon, select the folder you want to colour, and then click OK.

Choose a colour and click Apply, then open Windows Explorer to view the changes.

You will notice that coloured folders do not provide you with a preview of their contents like standard Windows folders. That’s because they are effectively replacing dynamic “real-time” icons with static images.

Unfortunately, this is the only disadvantage of folder marking

Use special icon in folders

special icons of folders

You can not only change folder colour windows 10, the folder marker also provides you with a series of status icons to use. These include high-priorityprivatehigh-importance, and partially completed work.

To use them, select a folder as you did in the third step, then click the “Main” tab and select an icon. Click “Apply” and check the results in Windows Explorer.

By clicking on the “User Icons” tab, you will find various other options. Still, these are Windows system icons that are not designed for folders. It is best not to use them to avoid confusion.

Use the shortcut menu

Right-click the folder in Windows Explorer, and you will see a new option in the context menu: “Mark Folder“.

This won’t provide you with as many colour and icon options as the main folder marker interface. Still, it is a faster and more convenient way to change folder colour windows 10

Complete interface, “Restore Defaults“, will undo any changes you have made.

Colour mark your files


Once you are satisfied with the folder, you can continue working on your files.

Download FileMarker.NET and carefully choose the free version on the right again.

Run the installer and let the program start after completion.

FileMarker.NET is very similar to folder marking, so click the green “” button, select a file, click and colour it, and then click “Apply“. 

Add status Icons to folders

FileMarker.NET is unsuitable for images (which makes sense because its icons already accurately display their content). Still, it is excellent for other identical text documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.

Open Windows Explorer to see the appearance of the re-coloured file.

You can also apply status symbols to files to indicate progress and priority, even if the colour of the file icon has changed. 

Create your workspace

folder color windows 10 organization

Now you have all the tools you need to organize your files and folders in the way that suits you best.

Do you want your photos from last year? Simple, they are all in purple folders, sorted by location.

How about tomorrow’s speech? It is marked as important in your red portfolio.

You will never get into trouble when searching for Windows Explorer again.

So this is how you can change folder colour windows 10. I tried this myself, and trust me; this is LIFE CHANGING. You save a lot of time, your folders look clean, and of course, it is unique!