There are hundreds of software protection antivirus options to choose from. All promise full-time protection therefore you must find an antivirus program to provide world-class security for every type of threat. 

This review will focus on the top 10 antivirus software protection available. Each of them has security benchmarks, system value, function and performance so that you can find the best antivirus software for your needs. 

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Note : These Antiviruses list is not in any order or ranking. Let’s just hope these antivirus work as good in Windows 11 too

10 Best Antivirus software protection Windows 10 Services Review (Part I) : 

1. McAfee: The best choice for Mac and iOS for software protection

mcAfee System Protection Windows 10

McAfee is the best antivirus software for Mac and iOS. This antivirus software has almost all the security features that current users may need. 

McAfee includes: 

  • VPN
  • Malware protection 
  • Bowser extension 
  • Password manager 
  • Encrypted storage 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

An impressive feature of this trusted security software is “My Home Network“, which includes an easy-to-read map. It allows you to control online security features on all its devices on your home network. 

It sends out security alerts immediately so that you can quickly stop intruders or incoming threats. McAfee’s iOS app was rated as the #1 antivirus software protection app in 2020, offering comprehensive protection against theft, phishing, and malware. 

2. Norton: The best antivirus software protection for Android + Windows

Norton Antivirus

Norton 360 is known as the best antivirus software protection for Android and Windows. It is designed to run smoothly on all platforms. With its powerful scanning engine, the suite can detect the latest malware. 

This antivirus software is very suitable for removing viruses. It is also relatively easy to use.

Norton 360 is carefully constructed to eliminate all possible threats and provide 100% protection on smartphones and PCs.

Navigation is simple once it is installed on a computer or mobile phone.

The parent company offers various packages; standard 10 GB cloud storage space, password manager, and unlimited VPN access.

Norton is excellent antivirus software. It is reliable, robust, easy to use and relatively affordable.

There are more advanced packages that provide access to additional features:

  • Real-time malware protection
  • Secure storage
  • Parental control
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

3. Avast: Excellent anti-malware software protection


Although not as popular as the first two, Avast has an impressive malware search engine and is excellent at optimizing computer systems. Avast offers a variety of packages to choose from: 

  • Real-time malware protection 
  • Ransomware protection 
  • VPN with unlimited data 
  • iOS and Android apps 
  • Password manager
  • System and privacy optimization 

All these features are packaged in advanced packages for iOS and Android devices. Other features of this antivirus software include power boost and startup optimizer, which will also speed up computers and smartphones. 

An OnWatch tool is also built into the kit whose purpose is to clean your computer when the preset score is reached. 

Overall, Avast has a series of excellent and valuable network security features and tools for software protection

In addition, the development of a high-performance anti-malware engine is considered to be one of the best in the online security business. 

Anyone interested can try any of Avast’s antivirus products, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is provided.

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4. Vipre: Business and Home Use Plan


For those who need an antivirus solution to cover multiple PCs, Vipre is a cost-effective choice. It is easy to set up and comes with a personal firewall, which can take malware protection to a whole new level. 

Other features worth mentioning about Vipre include the availability of various scanning options, Firefox and Chrome extensions, built-in ransomware protection, and sophisticated anti-phishing tools. 

Vipre has subscription plans for home and business use, including Antivirus Plus, Advanced Security, Ultimate Bundle, Cloud Edition and Server Edition. 

Server Edition features: 

  • Server defence against malicious software 
  • Real-time behaviour monitoring 
  • AI-implemented software 

Vipre protects you from intrusion by real-time scanning your device and your social media accounts to prevent phishing scams, malicious websites and other security threats. In addition, unlike the previous option, each Vipre package offers a 30-day free trial. 

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5. Panda Dome: Flexible pricing and offers

Panda System Protection Windows 10

Panda is famous for its flexible pricing and five different subscription plans. It is the perfect solution for anyone with a limited budget. 

No matter which software package you want to use, one thing that remains the same is the robust security solution provided.

Free Panda users are assigned a VPN limited to virtual locations. Other software packages have real-time software protection and parental control functions to ensure safe browsing. However, the premium package includes all these features and 24/7 technical support. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the five available plans: 

  • Free” package includes real-time protection, a Windows Firewall, and 150MB of VPN per day. 
  • Essential” package supports macOS, Android and Wi-Fi protection, as well as external device scanning. 
  • Advanced” package ensures safe browsing, prevents ransomware and enables parental controls. 
  • Complete” package provides shielding, password manager, and optimization tools. 
  • Premium” package offers unlimited access to VPNs in 22 locations.

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In this Part 1, we reviewed the top 10 Best Antivirus software protection Programs. I’ve split the article into two so that it is not overwhelming for the reader. I hope you got your Antivirus by now. Check out the Part II!