Software Engineer (Ops) - InSpark Technologies, Inc.

InSpark has a worldwide leadership position in advanced pattern recognition algorithms for diabetes management, supported by a robust foundation of scientific study and demonstrated utility. Our algorithm-powered software tools proactively provide actionable information about periods of risk when people are making their treatment decisions, so that they can take the right action at the right time. 

We need a dynamic, highly motivated software engineer to join us in developing and launching a range of products for patients and their health care providers. This position provides an opportunity to be one of the foundational employees at InSpark, where you will be working with a passionate, driven team, creating and commercializing products and services that aim to change the standard of care in diabetes monitoring and management.


Job Description

We seek a solid full stack engineer with a passion for delivering scalable, robust solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction. Yours will be a pivotal role at the company with a high degree of influence over architectural and design decisions as well as responsibility for delivering high-quality, production-ready code within our regulatory and quality framework.

As a foundational member of the engineering team you will be primarily responsible for developing:
1.     Back-end systems for reliably and securely delivering our web applications and capturing, storing and managing all related health information from mobile applications and partner APIs.
2.     Integrating UI components delivered by the team to create a seamless transition between mobile and web.
3.     You must also be comfortable interacting directly with our customers, clients and partners to problem-solve and trouble-shoot if and when necessary.

You will be expected to verify your code through a variety of methods and work closely with other members of the team to perform system testing and validation studies.

As a lean start-up, our work environment emphasizes collaboration over supervision: We all know what we need to achieve and expect employees to work towards that end, individually and as a team. This role therefore has a high degree of individual responsibility attached to it. You will be expected to be self-motivated and have the confidence to share and pursue your ideas for how to achieve high-quality results in an efficient manner with limited direct supervision.


Job Requirements

The successful applicant will:
·       Have at least 5 years developing robust server-side / cloud applications
·       Have in depth-knowledge of AWS, including security frameworks
·       Be focused and disciplined – able to write high-quality, reusable, accurate code
·       Have a portfolio showing your polished, scalable solutions
·       Demonstrate a strong belief in releasing well-tested, verified and validated code
·       Have experience with ensuring and validating the security of user data (for example in health, financial or another regulated industry)
·       Be comfortable working in a startup environment
·       Embrace the freedom to influence and guide the future of an amazing product


Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, or a related Engineering or Scientific discipline, and experience with or interest in some or all of the following:

·       Dealing with data streams from device – hub – server and back
·       Data security and protection at rest and in flight
·       API development
·       Producing innovative, efficient and elegant solutions – not just following the pack
·       Phenomenal debugging principles
·       Automated testing frameworks
·       Architecture and design of ecosystems, as opposed to single app products
·       Customer-facing experience, or a demonstrable ability to interact with customers and clients.



We offer competitive compensation based on experience and demonstrated performance. This position will have a strong component of equity-based incentive compensation.



This position will be based in Charlottesville, Virginia or the San Francisco Bay area.



Interested individuals should send their CV to