Due to a number of economic challenges faced by our business, InSpark technologies, Inc. is closing its doors.  We thank the diabetes community for all their support, and look forward to seeing new innovations come to market that help patients, caregivers and health systems.

We continue to believe there remains a fundamental need for mhealth technologies that notify people with diabetes in advance of periods of risk. There is also a strong need for more time-efficient software that will reduce the time Caregiver's spend reviewing detailed charts and data logs.  Pattern recognition technologies such as the insight tools developed by InSpark and our partners can help address these needs.  Also, more sophisticated decision support systems will only be effective if they incorporate insights about the patterns and periods of risk faced by people with diabetes on a daily basis.  

Much of the technology that has been developed by the company is now available for sale or for license from the principals.  This includes:

  • The Vigilant diabetes management companion mobile health ecosystem software code and supporting documentation (iOS, Android and web-based caregiver portal)
  • Pattern recognition algorithm source code files and validation studies for daily pattern messaging, hypo risk prediction and a measure of glycemic variability.
  • The Design History File, Quality System and other regulatory documentation relating to Vigilant and InSpark's correspondence with FDA.
  • Three patent applications relating to daily pattern messaging, hypoglycemia risk prediction and predicting risk of severe hyperglycemia excursions.
  • Additional intellectual property relating to pattern recognition algorithm development (includes HbA1c estimation and insulin sensitivity estimation).

For any interested parties, please use our contact page to reach out to the principals.